Marriage and Family Psychotherapy:

Kristen Mischler, MFT

Marriage and Family Therapy License # 90389.  
Location: 200 E. Del Mar Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91105.

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Individual Psychotherapy

There are times when we need someone to listen deeply, point out patterns and connections with objectivity, and support us unconditionally in discovering our true selves.  We may need that person to help us connect with our emotional compass, our intuition.  A therapist can help you understand yourself, your past relationship experiences and your experience encountering the world around you so you can find and form the kind of relationships you always knew you wanted.  I am dedicated to supporting you in achieving your goals.

Couples Psychotherapy
The Gottman Method is based on 36 years of research with over 3,000 couples.  Gottman discovered exactly what led some couples down a disastrous path and what skills master couples had that led to lasting love.  Using the Sound Relationship House model, as well as structured interventions for handling conflict, fostering friendship and shared meaning, the Gottman Method helps couples create their lives together.


My previous clients have found me to be nonjudgmental, sensitive, hard-working and creative. I use a gentle sense of humor and a supportive, caring style to challenge my clients to achieve the goals they set out for themselves. 

I am skilled in working with a variety of clients from various ethnic backgrounds, with any sexuality or gender.  I enjoy working with individuals, couples and families.  Finally, I am flexible; employing whatever rich and detailed therapeutic model best fits the needs of each client.   

reas of Expertise:

1.      Couples Therapy/Individuals with Relationship Issues
2.      Anxiety/Stress/Depression
3.      Self-Discovery/Life Purpose/Deeper Meaning of Life Issues
Creative Problem-Solving

Call me at 323-509-6041
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For more information about Marriage and Family Therapy, visit:
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California Association of Marriage and Family Therapy

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